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# 2013 / 2015

Harvey Mudd College (BBA) College of business, London

# 2016 / 2018

Oxford College (Law) Business college, San Francicso

# 2019 / 2020

CEO, Chief supervisor of Alfred Financial company


Registration Process

  • Step 1 – Select 2, 3 or 4 player registration link
  • Step 2 – Group Leader must enter all player names
  • Step 3 – Select date and time for session
  • Step 4 – Each player must pre-pay for session in advance via Venmo @GurusCamps
  • It is recommended that Group Leader selects players that work well together via age, skill level, personal goals and/or availability to ensure a great training experience.  
  • Make-up sessions have to include all players. No refunds for late cancellations.  
  • Training days can vary via soccer seasons, weather, etc. Please check the weekly calendar for availability.  
  • The curriculum will be comprehensive but can be customized to each group’s needs.
  • A confirmation email will be sent to the Group Leader.
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